Disposable Syringe Needles (Luer Slip Type)



are available in two sizes: 19 gauge, 1-1/2″ long, thin wall, regular bevel, sterile, hub color brown 23 gauge, 1-1/4″ long, regular wall, regular bevel, sterile, hub color turquoise Note: The needles below are of the Luer Slip type. They slip over the syringe tip, as opposed to Luer Lock needles that screw into the mouth of the syringe. Product No. 115-55 syringe requires a Luer Lock style needle which we do not sell. Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote Requires Luer Slip Style Syringe Needles: 115-50 Disposable Syringes, 1ml pkg/25  Qty: 1 115-52 Disposable Syringes, 5ml pkg/25 10.80 Qty: 1 115-53 Disposable Syringes, 10ml pkg/25 13.10 Qty: 1 115-54 Disposable Syringes, 20ml pkg/25 29.20 Qty: 1 Requires Luer Lock Style Syringe Needles: 115-55 Disposable Syringes, 60ml

Usage/Application Indusrty use
Type Needle
Material Stainless steel and plastics
Color multicoloured
Size 14G,15G,16G,17G……..27G
Sterility No


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