3M 9922C FFP2 Respirator with 2-pack valve



he 3M ™ Cooling Respirator for Manual Painting 9922 is a filterable respirator with a valve that has a permanent outer shell, adjustable nose clamp, color-coded straps and a 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve for added comfort. This FFP2-rated respirator is available in a two-pack.

The 3M ™ hand-held respirator 9922 is suitable for painting with a brush or roller, for hand sanding or the use of an eccentric grinder, and for protection against unpleasant organic odors. This FFP2-class respirator protects against medium concentrations of fine dust and oil- and water-based mists, which are commonly encountered when working with these materials. The activated carbon filter of the respirator also protects against unpleasant organic odors. The durable, shape-retaining shell easily shapes on faces of all shapes and sizes. The 3M ™ Cool Flow poistaa valve removes exhaled air and prevents heat from accumulating inside the respirator.
3M’s advanced electronic filter media:
• Efficient filtration and low breathing resistance
• Continuously good performance

3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve: •
Efficient heat dissipation makes it cooler and more comfortable to use
• Eliminates exhalation air • Reduces the risk of fogging of
goggles Carbon

• Protects against nausea-causing organic vapors identifies by color coding of the straps – blue: FFP2 according to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 • Package contents: 2


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