3M 9332+ Aura ™ FFP3 respirator with valve 2pcs 78-1822



Low breathing filter technology:
• Powerful filtering capacity and lower breathing resistance for easier breathing and more comfort

Ingenious three-panel design:
• Suitable for a wide range of faces, adapts to large facial movements during speech
• Remarkably comfortable to wear
• Easy to store • Comfortable and stylish
yet • Curved, low-line design • Adapts well to the shape of the nose and eyes • Provides good visibility • Fits well with goggles Innovative chin strap: • Makes the respirator easier to put on and adjust to fit the face

 Helps to find a comfortable fit

Embossed top panel: • Effectively prevents the flow of warm
and humid exhaled air through the top panel • Helps reduce fogging of

3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve: : Holds the respirator firmly in place, ensures a good and comfortable seal, performance is indicated by color coding – blue: FFP2 according to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009


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