3M 6502QL half mask set for spray painting 70-03866



Reusable respirator for spray painting, painting with a brush or roller, and for sanding by hand or with an eccentric sander.
Thanks to the quick-locking mechanism, the mask part is easy to remove from the face without removing the headband. This is especially handy when moving to dirty work areas and during breaks and discussions.
Dual inspiratory valves and large filters improve breathability and reduce breathing resistance compared to single-filter models.
– Economical, easy to maintain, easy to use and light.
– This respirator provides Class A2 and P3 protection against organic gases and vapors, high concentrations of fine dust, and oil and water based mists.
– Thanks to the bayonet attachment of the filter, it is easy to change different filters on the mask.
– Reusable: the respirator can use particulate filters, gas and steam cartridges or combination cartridges that can be replaced if necessary


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